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Welcome to Holy Mission, the community for fans of the Jrock band Raphael.

This community is for anything Raphael related. Post any questions, information or fanart. Anything at all that you want to post, but please, read the rules first!

1. Posts must releate to Raphael.
2. Any racist, sexist, ageist, homophobic or any bias comments of any kind are strickly forbidden. If you say anything offensive or try to create an argument, you will be banned, no warning.
3. Large posts and pictures must be behind a LJ cut.
4. Before posting, please make sure you know how to edit a post you make to a community incase the mods ask you to change something.
5. File sharing is acceptable for sampling purposes only. Please delete the files after 24 hours and support Raphael by buying their CDs (While they are still in stock!) You are entirely responsible if you don't delete after 24 hours, and please know your country's laws on downloading.
6. Have fun, ne? :)

The Band formed in March 1997. Yukito and Kazuki's old band had split up when they met Yuki and Hiro, and Raphael was formed. They started slowly but soon picked up the pace and got recognised as their fanbase quickly grew. Soon, they were on a major record label debuing with the album "Mind Soap". There was lots of projects planned for the band, but unfortunately, Kazuki died on the 31st of October 2000 from a tranquilizer overdose. No one knows if it was suicide, a drug addiction or him just trying to relieve stress. But without him, the band split up. Yukito went on to try his luck solo and Yuki and Hiro formed the band Rice, which plays music in the same style as Raphael, and are definately looking into. I haven't heard anything by Yukito yet though... although I heard he might have actually joined a band... or something ^^
The band consisted of:

Name: Yuki
Instrument: Vocals
Birthday: 1st of July 1981
Yuki says he's a vocalist because he wasn't good enough to play an instrument! At times he can seem childish, and at others, very mature! During interviews, he likes to answer questions with silly answers, or just make silly noises, but he manages to keep a completely straight face while everyone around him cracks up! When he was younger, he was in a choir, so there is a proffesional side to his vocals.

Name: Kazuki
Instrument: Guitar
Birthday: 7th of April 1981
Kazuki's death was most likely an accident as he really didn't like smoking or drinking. He liked fantasy novels, and had around 18 peircings! He also had a few tattoos! He is the main songwriter in Raphael.

Name: Yukito
Instrument: Bass
Birthday: 23rd of May 1981
Yukito brings a little western influence to the band (He liked Red Hot Chilli Peppers and KoRN) He is quite reserved and laid-back on stage, but off stage he is always making jokes and playing tricks on the Raphael staff! He was the founder of the band, and could have played any of the instruments, but went for bass as it was the position left over.

Name: Hiro
Instrument: Drums
Birthday: 17th of November 1981
Hiro is the most gentle member of Raphael. He loves fanta and chocolate <3 Him joining the band nearly didn't happen as it was a choice between drumming and school, which was hard for him. We all know what he picked though ne!?!

So, if you have any questions, then get in touch! Your moderator, onyx_sodomy

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